The Journery Of Queen Libas

Our brand represents the millions of South Asians that reside in the UK today. It’s a story of gratitude towards our first generation, who arrived in the early 1960s. Who strived to improve their lives and empower their communities.

The Queen Libas brand represents our grandmother from this generation. A tall proud mother of six. A strong lady, who embraced the challenges of life in the tough old days. Through hard work and determination she raised her own family and lifted many other families out of poverty.

She was a gifted lady, who had a talent to improvise and succeed. In the early years when the family arrived in the UK, she sewed clothes for herself, her family and close friends. Times were hard, and she with her daughter in laws, would also sew clothes at home for traders who would pay piece rates. The work paid the bills, but more importantly improved her sewing skills. She developed an amazing eye for style and fashion, and created fashionable garments of the highest standards for the ladies in our home.

Queen Libas is the brand that celebrates her life. Each garment is passionately styled by individuals with a mission. With designs that come from the soul, and quality that demands respect. Every garment adds beauty to its wearer, and every garment purchased, brings hope to someone less fortunate.

Queen Libas continues the philanthropy of our late grandmother. She was always giving to the less fortunate. Her legacy continues in this brand. Queen Libas has teamed up with leading charitable organisations to ensure every Queen Libas garment you wear provides an opportunity for someone out there


Queen Libas, with its ambitious vision, is dedicated to creating more than 100 full-time sewing jobs in Pakistan. Currently, we are proud to have 50 individuals employed, diligently working to support their families and communities.

Every stitch crafted by our team members not only symbolizes quality craftsmanship but also serves as a source of livelihood for their families. At Queen Libas, we understand the significance of these jobs in providing stability and prosperity to households across Pakistan.

Each employee is not just a part of our workforce but a vital contributor to our mission of empowerment and economic growth. By nurturing talent and fostering a supportive work environment, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change, impacting not only the lives of our employees but also the communities they belong to.

Through dedication, hard work, and a shared commitment to excellence, Queen Libas continues to pave the way for a brighter future, one stitch at a time.